I’m James Li xuan, brand founder of JamesCycle and JamesOutdoorlife.
In 2014, I founded Beijing Jichanshuo Culture Co., LTD., a company interested in exploring life style.
The original JamesCycle®, as the first brand in China to focus on commercial bikes, continues the history, creates new kangaroo bike designs, and designs and manufactures commercial bikes and related cultural products.

In 2019, JamesOutdoorlife, an outdoor life planning and cultural brand, was extended to select international influential outdoor brands and good things. It is committed to exploring different outdoor culture and life interests in practice, studying the “camping aesthetics” of cooperation between man and nature and stretching and living in nature, and sharing happiness on the road with peers.

Have fun always — it is the source of strength that we enjoy our journey and the goal that we seek.

Play is your relationship with space and the world.

Want to head into the wild and get away from the city.
Go out and enjoy yourself. Meet the joy and freedom that make a home in nature.
Break through the morning mist and meet the long lost sunset, measuring the vast starry sky of this planet.
Between the sky and the earth, brew a cup of hot coffee to savor, enjoy the long lost slow life, let the five senses come alive: these are worth waiting for.

And the more you experience and recognize the world, the more you can do, the more freedom you will feel, and the more awe you will feel.

“Playmate” is your relationship with people.

On this journey of life, you will meet many like-minded people, consciously or unconsciously.
Popping up around you every now and then makes your life feel so good and warm, and lighting up the fields with wood-chopping or cooking skills is an unmatchable talent.
The tents, scattered in twos and threes under the night sky, formed loose and tight temporary communities, sometimes talking, sometimes quiet.
Holding the hand of the one you love most in the quietest breath of the earth. Have you thought of what to say?
Maybe just breathe quietly.
Such is the emotion experienced outdoors. In a very pure scene, which is completely different from the city, you can often see the inner side of the human being in this environment and feel the revelation of truth.

“Play” is your relationship with things.

Life is also about meeting things by chance.
You keep looking for the right one, the right one, at the right moment, in the right place.
Or a lamp transfixed in the cold rain, or a cup smoothed in the hand.
Fun props open one random door after another, take you off the mountain and stay in your life for a long time.

The relationship between people and things, things can inspire people’s life.
Most of the time, people can get a better understanding of the relationship between people and the world and the nature of life through quiet thinking of “things”.
I think many of the objects we choose are mediums that open up unprecedented life experiences, take you further out into the world, and increase your knowledge of the world while “playing” the world.

Easy to use things will also produce beautiful changes with the polishing of time, and years of integration, become lifelong items.
We hope that the aesthetics of this object can be passed down, carrying those moments of adventure and gentle memories, and serve sustainable future generations.

“Play” is your relationship with yourself.

In our lifetime, we laugh out loud 290,000 times, but children laugh 300 times a day and adults only 20 times.
Childhood happiness how pure ah, the little guy and butterflies to play, and shoelaces to play, and mud to play, can not be as happy as.

Observing everything from his own words, he unconsciously created the whole universe, and he was not lonely at all.
I have always felt that the moment when a campfire is lit is also like the moment when it is lit up with the twinkling eyes of a child. It is like a return to the primitive state when human beings quietly watch the flickering flames.
At that moment, you can feel the childlike innocence of life, always innocent, always curious, always playing.

** Company address **

Room 610, Building 1, Yard 4, Jinhang West Road, Shunyi District, Beijing
Contact number: 010-60408071

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News information: http://www.sohu.com/a/115455448_479944

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