An independent bookstore is Rosabooks, Chengdu, the most literary of bookstore it, here on the first floor in the sale of the family without early snacks, come here, let your spirit relax, every little thing look so delicate.

Rosabooks is a promotion and sale of independent publications online bookstore. At present in order to sell foreign independent magazine, at the same time, through the blog promotion and share more diverse forms of domestic and foreign independent publications, recording our interviews and independent publisher and visited the independent bookstores and so on. They want to create a small space, to collect favorite content to share with you, to regain the paper read the good and the guardian of a life attitude.

Independent publications shop floor two, the sale of rosabooks, the first floor is no early snacks, drinks and dessert provide family limited.

Independent magazine or a separate publication can not use an accurate word to define, in Nanjing net Rosa opinion, without the interference of any factors other than “creation”, such as the value of a business, have their own thoughts and attitudes of the magazines and publications can be said as an “independent”. Their selection of novel and unique, for the crowd is very clear, to promote a “special” rather than “wide” content, and this will be the future trend of the development of the magazine.

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