Anaya, from the Sanskrit “Alan if”, meaning quiet place, away from the bustling world.


Anaia is located in the quiet and beautiful Beidaihe Gold Coast hinterland. 2.5 km long beach, sandy white and delicate, gentle seabed, shallow water, calm. Deep cultural heritage and a clear four seasons of beauty, created a unique spirituality of Ana.



– the beauty of the four seasons of the humanities –

Qinhuangdao Anna where Qinhai Changli waters, cultural blend, three thousand years in the history, show in poetry. Countless people have been staring over this piece of the sea, the inner feelings of the projection to the sea, and the sea had a dialogue, and to establish with the predecessors of the ancients some kind of spiritual relationship in order to obtain a high degree of spiritual nourishment, the ultimate Peak experience, and a deep sense of presence.


Spring, summer, autumn and winter, four o’clock replacement gives the unique temperament of Ana, so she combines the vitality of spring, summer joy, poetic autumn, winter quiet, let people stare at her, also get different State of mind.


– Poetic architectural art on the earth –

In addition to the gas field God made, the natural beauty of natural scenery, the Ana also eye-catching poetic architecture, these buildings into nature, the release of human charm, a series of spiritual journey from the Ana.

The most lonely Chinese library

Today, the Sanlian Seaside Public Library is regarded as the most lonely library in China and has become the most beautiful scenery on the coastline of China. People can enjoy the quiet reading, hear their inner voice and feel the beauty of a bunch of light. .

Anaia hall on the sea

Anaya Auditorium, full of rituals of cultural and artistic space, community concerts, art exhibitions, spiritual contemplation of life, and Anaa holiday entertainment, community life Trinity, constitute a complete, full of meaning Of the way of life.

Birdwatching paradise in a natural wetland

Beidaihe to Changli along the Gold Coast, is China’s first bird nature reserve, each year more than 400 species of nearly 100,000 migratory birds in this habitat. Birdwatching in the depths of the wetland, to the people who love nature, a close to the paradise with the birds.

Art exhibition, a community of human pursuit

Anaa art exhibition, will be officially opened in July this year. Committed to the traditional and contemporary, life and art in series. In order to swim here, people here continue to provide high-quality cultural feast.

-Club Med Happy Way –

Only located in the world’s most beautiful resort of the world famous brand Club Med, stationed in Ana, the French romantic and joy to China, Ana-style holiday to create an indelible happy background. Create a short vacation brand new Joyview by Club Med, lead people to return to nature, enjoy the colorful holiday. Is expected to officially opened in 2016.

– Seaside Playground –

Ana’s unique micro-environment, perennial PM2.5 excellent, which is particularly rare in the North China region. It is a perfect place for sea sports and beach sports. The forest is lush and the wetlands are many places. It is also a good place for outdoor aerobic exercise. Come to Anaya, not to be missed by the sport to enjoy.

Aranya International Golf, China ‘s top ten new stadium

Designed by world-renowned Sergio Garcia, the stadium is a rare authentic Links course in China, relying on the coastal giant sand dunes, consider the boundless sea breeze, Link will be wild to the limit. “Asia’s first hard” 14 holes, has long been known outside. In 2013 won the “Golf Master” China’s top ten new stadium.

China ‘s first community Jockey Club

Anayama Association, the Chinese Horse Industry Association governing units, the introduction of world-famous horse species, the children’s favorite British Setland small horse, there are adults favorite Dutch Friesland warm-blooded horse, Serra French warm blood Horse, sweat blood BMW, Arab blood horse, Hannover, Germany, such as warm blood horse, so that the passion and the gallop as beautiful as the horse.

China ‘s first seaside standard lighting football

In the beautiful and charming Gold Coast, the choice of a very valuable community construction sites, used to build standard lighting football field, can be described as an unprecedented initiative, this is the residents of the sports park, is a community square.

Windsurfing and kite surfing

Anahai waters, natural suitable for the development of sea sports, every summer, Beijing’s water sports enthusiasts roared to, between the sea and the sea, feel the charm of sports.

Coast jogging track, listening to sea breeze sound

The runway monastic seaside, to feel the sound of the wind, the smell of the sea, the heartbeat of the vibration.

Beach sports, enjoy the release of life kinetic energy

Anaya beach, sandy white soft, clean and delicate, very suitable for the development of beach sports, Anaa beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach baseball facilities for people who love sports, provides a good place to release the kinetic energy of life.

– Children’s holiday paradise –

Summer, Ana will be the children’s paradise, children’s farm, youth equestrian events, juvenile golf, seaside park and children’s reading club and other unique experience projects, entertaining, fun. Quickly take your child to Ana, explore the world.

– the leisurely course of the slow life –

In the quotation of Anaiah owners, we found this sentence: “modern people in the city’s homes are mostly used to” hide “, Anaia can be used to” habitat “, which is I choose Ana Asia. “Come to Ana, you can really feel the long-lost community atmosphere and friendly life. From the acclaimed owner canteen, to the warm and delicate neighborhood center, to the sea breeze bar, old movie screenings. Blowing the breath of life, is Ana Asia to bring people intuitive feelings.

The acclaimed canteen owner

Owners of the cafeteria ingredients from Anaia exclusive ecological farms, non-staple food from the Metro for special, hygienic standards. Talented chefs team continued innovation, has introduced exquisite delicacies, the price of the People First of the dishes, customers have an excellent reputation.

Ecological farms, green and safe food cultivation base

Ana ecological farm from the project 28 km, covers an area of ​​about 50 acres. Scattered stupid chicken, ducks, geese, goats, etc., carefully managed by the person. Vegetables, fruits, food crops readily available, from planting to picking the whole green pollution-free.

Neighborhood Center, the community service extends to the beach

A neighborhood center, not only child care center, community medical service center, boutique supermarket, Hogarth coffee shop, there are characteristics of French Teppanyaki and Chongqing hot pot restaurant, supporting set heart, intimate.

The second-stage neighborhood center is not a building monomer, but a group of architectural landscape groups, rooted in the second phase of the apartment, in a neighborhood center on the basis of optimization and upgrading, extending the radius of life, enrich the connotation of life. Neighborhood Center is expected to build a number of thematic space: Health Center, Children’s Home, chop piano room, art gallery, etc., for the owners to provide a more colorful community life.

Sea breeze bar, boiling sea home

The sea breeze bar is the Anaya sea station, people or in this stop, overlooking, feel the sea breathing; or three five friends, enjoy food, beauty and good. Summer night, it is voices, singing constantly.

– Come here for a vacation, live here –

Anaya has a strong holiday property, but its ultimate goal is to become China’s most dynamic future-oriented community, people in Ana life, poetic dwelling, to achieve a better life. Based on this, Anaya builders, in residential R & D poured into a huge emotional and professional enthusiasm, will be simple and beautiful, in line with the needs of humanity, the life of the temperature of the building presented. Only for people who love life, to provide a perfect home.

The second phase of the sea apartment, 4.8 meters high, the air free villa, household view of the sea

Phase II of the building to seize the seaside resort and the essential difference between urban housing, creating more interesting space. Unique split-level structure, with the “wrong space” to produce a good visual beauty.

Each household has a huge surface of 7 meters to the surface of 8 meters wide, and up to 4 meters 8 double viewing space, so magnificent sea view photo beautiful life. Each product gives the individuality of the customer retains the space to play creative.

Three F Family Hotel Apartments

Ana has launched an innovative full-service, three-F family hotel apartment, “3F” from Family, Friends & amp; Fun, intended to create family, friends, “together” happy time. The hotel breaks the traditional concept, tailored for the family vacation:

▪ Modernist architecture, simple and elegant

▪ Four-star boutique hotel standard

▪ All-glass hotel lobby and cafe

▪ 4.8-meter-high, family-style suite with sea view

▪ Outdoor swimming pool

▪ Children’s Home

Happy, refined, unique, family vacation preferred place.

In order to make the future F hotel owners more fully and conveniently enjoy the beautiful life of Ana, we simultaneously launched the Ana Yue enjoy home home project, Sanya project & Beidaihe gold coast Ana, double project linkage, in one fell swoop North and South vacation, the four seasons resort, mountain home sea to meet the family members at different times of different holiday needs, to create the whole family, all resources, all season holiday joy.

Three-city life, four seasons vacation, five-year income, integrated value of 10% investment feedback, Yuet enjoy Kyushu membership exclusive services, like Anaia people, more reasons, better enjoyment.

– Community, intimate relationship Energy field –

As a pioneering and experimental future-oriented community, the community is the soul of Ana, people based on similar values ​​and outlook on life together, through WeChat group linked to each other, from the line into the real life, the establishment of deep Of the friendship, open a new state of life. We will exchange ideas and ideas for a better home. Anaya owners are the elite of the times, everyone has a huge social energy and life energy. They have changed their own destiny, the future will continue to change. The good future of the Ana community requires them to be created together.

Anaia Golf Resort Hotel is located in the center of the project, by the three sides of the Chinese elite on duty. The total area of ​​11,000 square meters. A variety of equipment in the gym; men and women locker room; warm Anaya theater; full-featured small and medium-sized conference room, the largest conference within the club, the hotel has a large and medium-sized restaurant; The conference area is about 140 square meters and can accommodate about 80 people. The meeting room is fully equipped to meet all kinds of business conference, cocktail party, annual meeting, lecture, performance, promotion, conference and forum. Different requirements; Club existing 47 rooms, with luxury standard rooms, landscape King Room, Executive Suite, LOFT and other room types, from the viewing room looked out, panoramic view of the stadium scenery, allowing you to close Feel the stadium and the beautiful scenery of nature.

Kyushu will be D.O, vibrant and passionate young people, professional, dream, versatile, friendly and friendly, fully absorb the joy of Club Med spirit, both the organizer of the event, but also the coach. Sailing, windsurfing, motorboats, canoeing, kite surfing, D. O land, sea and amphibious, accompanied by joy.