Random Cafe and Design Studio

located in the foothills of the Phoenix Mountains in Hangzhou, is a combination of food and independent art and design of the composite space to “at any time, with food” concept, Random is committed to providing fresh organic drinks, desserts and light food, The works of designers at home and abroad, and regularly held creative activities, such as exhibitions. Random combination of food design and space aesthetics, hope to promote a heart and to, healthy and refined way of life.

As a young, have the idea of ​​the brand, Random food as the design object. Whether desserts or brunch comes from the healthiest, quality raw materials, and the use of life inspired by the food with the taste of art, in color, shape, level and texture on the ultimate pursuit, such as childhood memories, flowers and geometric drawings for inspiration Of the dessert series, on behalf of Random on the beauty of food exploration. At the same time, Random introduces the classic, balanced and interesting design products, organic combination with the food experience, customers can truly touch and feel random carefully selected containers, tables and chairs, ornaments, scenes of space experience is Random insistence.

Random on the second floor is the design of goods stores, the introduction of domestic and international classic design brands and independent designers work. Random do not want to follow the trend, and want to show you through the designer’s interesting inspiration, delicate scrutiny of polished daily necessities, will be carefully displayed in the hope of their use over the years with the owner have a good association. Both aesthetic and functional design, whether it is the use of modern innovative technology, or reflect the goodwill of life and human care, their presence can add new ideas for life.

At the same time, Random food and design to a different place, in March this year, Random in Asia’s top design exhibition Design Shanghai opened with the food space, introduced Random on the concept of food and design, received high attention and praise; in Hangzhou, Random also collaborates with independent publishers, designers, exhibitions, nomadic stores, and with Raffles and other malls. Random as the laboratory in general, unrestricted, in various fields to explore beauty and creativity.