Good white shop is a very special living space, typical of small and beautiful, beautiful and refined. A good white shop, like its name, is “white” from the outside to the inside, and sells only “white” global objects, which is a cool idea.

It’s a very simple design space, color in white, in addition to the living room to provide simple coffee drinks, more is the master drawing place for friends. A door in the living room is the display area of a good white shop.

It is in Beijing city Dongcheng District Guozijian Street No. 67, the store did not imagine so much, about 33 square meters. Although the space is not large, but the category, mirror, wall clock, independent books, chairs, air plant, aromatherapy, handmade soap, pencil, Notepad, candles, stickers, brochures, vases, lamps, hand woven baskets, containers, globes, dolls, tea, exclusive sale of TaiPei Post, the body model, FM3 sang Buddha Machine, photo book…

When you walk into the white shop and look at all sorts of beautiful things, you can feel the sincerity and intentions of the good white team from the United States, and they select good things from all over the world. Everyone has different tastes, and they don’t choose whom they cater to. They choose only beautiful things they approve of. Meng Qi said: “the election of goods is a look at fate, some of their own use, and some are recommended by friends, and some are heard, we use a variety of ways in the search for more beautiful white objects.”. Beauty is first, and I hope it will make your life better.” Good white shops use white things to give you a better taste and try to live.

Good white shop in Beijing 798 art area layout booth.

JamesCycle’s two wheels white cargo bike is ideal for such a scene, highlighting the white atmosphere.

JamesCycle’s two wheels white cargo bike production is striking one snag after another, there is such a theory: an industrial product more than 5 parts is white, then this product is not profitable.the white parts are assembled from more than 3 different manufacturers, white tires, white brake lines, white hand handles, and white lights…… When we finished this bike, we think it’s really like a sculpture is a luxury of art, we do the communication cost and time has been more than ordinary products, the effort has exceeded the price itself, but we think it is worth it, since,JamesCycle’s two wheels white cargo bike of course we are proud, very glad to cooperate with the white shop, interpretation of this piece of art from the perspective of white again.

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