September 2016. JamesCycle worked with beladesign to showcase and show bicycle programs. Participated in the Beijing Dashanlan Quanye square Beijing design week

about beladesign:

Beladesign, formerly a professional industrial design company, has now become a Brand Company. Over the next few years, beladesign worked hard on the design, development and production of wood, bamboo and ceramic products to build the kingdom of bamboo and wood. Beladesign believes that through the design, you can inject this brand of thinking and feelings of products, so that products live, and believe that good design will make use of products when you feel happy.
In 2004 and April, beladesign different members formed a design team. Beladesign will always adhere to our faith…… Sticking to all natural woods is FSC’s argument that good wood is probably the best friend of your life. At present, our range of lamps are imported American pewter, black walnut and German beech.

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