TwoziBalloons **
Balloon displays in all kinds of occasions, like in family party, business activity, and visual design as well as in art exhibition etc. Balloon artists all over the world build fairy balloon kingdom with creativity and imagination continuously.

**Since 2012, Twozi Balloons 兔子气球™ launched in China and gained ever growing attention and affection.

Lately, balloon has been widely applied in modern art and been transformed
variously and colorfully, which is flexible, plastic and spacious, its visualization is far beyond other forms of display.

What do TwoziBalloons do? Provide professional balloon services: visual design, party planning and balloon effects etc.

What‘s Twoziballoons goal? All about balloons! We provide the best quality, creative visual design and high standard of safety.

Family banquet customization
Since Twozi Balloons 兔子气球™ launched, we are proud to have done a number of successful themed family parties among young parents.
Under diverse themes and professional guidance, a delicate and cozy family party is never a problem for us. We plant sweet memories for growing up children with our ultimate imagination and creativity.

Wedding custom
Twuozi are dedicated to decorate every single wedding ceremony, which impressed all the audience. Our balloons can not only be eye catching, but can be jointly flying under the witness of all the relatives and friends, it will be remarkable moment for long.

Party customization
With needs of the personalized party, we place you in different colored balloons with full creativity.
Which category you belong to? We can help you.

Business activities
Twozi Balloons concentrates on innovation and always provides the professional solutions with
whole package, from planning to execution, from shaping to detailing. We are dedicated and experienced
in balloon e_ects, balloon costume, LOGO design and many more.

Art Exhibition
“Our eyes do not show a lack of beauty, but a lack of observation”. Art is everywhere! All about balloons!

Custom-made service
Upon customer’s request, we provide tailor-made printing services. We can embed your logo or pattern onto balloons as long as providing us the original design files and choosing.

Twozi Balloons on line
We provide comprehensive service and packaged product on line for the area which don’t have a Twozi Balloons service coverage, that allows you to easily achieve your requirements from your home. We operate on both Taobao and Xiaohongshu online platforms, so that Twozi Balloon can bring into your home unlimited coverage across the whole country. We can customize according to your requirements,we provide a rich variety of products that will meet the requirements of all age group customers.

Contact information
manager:Zheng Zhong

company phone
400 081 5160

Room2815,Building1,HeSheng QilinShe,WangJing,Chaoyang Dist,Beijing,CHINA

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