Algorithm:There is a place that satisfies all your imagination about your home


September 3rd, in Beijing, the forefront of the trend of Sanlitun,, covering clothing, food, housing and traveling all-round life experience of the “lifestyle algorithm” lifestyle stores integration official opening. A style algorithm, named from computer program Algorithm, means arithmetic”. The four founders originated in the fashion industry and catering industry believes that lifestyle and preferences orientation of each person is a unique selection based on results of each operation calculation rules of aesthetic taste, and Algorithm is a place that can provide the most comprehensive, specific and high quality of life style. Therefore, around the minimalist aesthetics of space design, where the integration of food, fashion, home, accessories, stationery and other aspects, with a real sense of comfort, showing a broad sense of quality lifestyle.

The restaurant runs “no borders” dishes, and is divided into spring and summer menus and autumn and winter menus in accordance with the fashion release cycle. Each menu consists of 16 typical dishes from different parts of the world, named after the 16 most representative places in the city. The choice of geographical names has permeated the source of food, the birthplace of dishes, the journey of founders and the unique interpretation of urban culture. From the roast duck representing Beijing, to the beefsteak representing Paris, and the taste of the world at one meal, it is the only world-class cuisine that Algorithm presents to consumers. The relatively large table spacing, in the land of Sanlitun, it is enough to ensure comfortable dining environment at the cost of choice.
Different from conventional hundreds or even hundreds of restaurant dish large menu, Algorithm year operating only 16 dishes; different from this era can eat any food whenever and wherever possible the “convenient” rhythm, Algorithm menu strictly according to season segmentation: like twice a year in spring and summer, autumn and winter fashion week, two sets of menu here, a segmentation seasonal dishes presentation.


Algorithm covers an area of over six hundred square meters, and the exterior vision consists of a whole glass curtain wall of more than 6 meters. The internal is divided into two layers, a building operated by independent designer clothing “cloakroom”, “living and business activities Home Furnishing open living room and mini bar; two floor from the cellar, entered the restaurant, teahouse and independent partition from other functional regions of the VIP custom space.


As everyone knows, a restaurant or a top chef in the world most commendable, certainly not alone can do “generalist Manhanquanxi”, Algorithm on the small menu insist, is from the “just fine and extraordinary” obsession. Fortunately, the restaurant itself positioning “food”, that is not a single dish dining options; practice innovation, also make every dish full of surprises; and from all over the world in different city way of naming, but for a meal, cast a romantic aura to travel around the world. Some dishes are taken from the name of the food itself and directly contact the city, such as Rossini (black truffle steak fillet steak, beef liver) it is Paris; Pamas cheese from Naples vegetable baking volume, with a simple and straightforward Naples name; for example sweet Douzhi small octopus salad, olive oil, from lemon juice to the small octopus, are very typical of the Mediterranean, like rich seafood, lemon and olive in Palermo.


Algorithm’s business covers, fashion accessories, Home Furnishing, a guard, stationery and other 5 categories, 12 small classes were more than fifty thousand pieces of single product brand. Let all the single product, can buy from the beginning has been acting as an excellent personal life, let all the warm love, can be sustained and relaxed, rational can depend on the interpretation of the meaning of “high price”, Algorithm is the ultimate single product selection of all business philosophy. Based on this idea, from the coat to the brooch, from the chairs to the cup, from books to plants, not through careful selected, some even to the sea crossing, scaled and customized, only for the creation of the hearts of all a dream home”.


The principal designer Hu Nan was previously the executive editor of the magazine, was the most Chinese held independent designer showroom early in the Chinese international fashion week people. Rich experience in fashion and independent designer resources, so that Algorithm’s clothing, bags, accessories, works can be guaranteed at an absolute average height above. For example, you can find here, independent designer Cui Xiaojing LANNERET, rational deep hole South South cold whims of knitwear brand Lou de Nannan Sunday Somewhere, also can see the famous Mitsou sunglasses, handbags, jewellery brand YVMIN/ orders, especially high level even custom jewelry SUB ROSA.


Home products can stand the same exquisite. The famous minimalist design brand Normann Copenhagen, Denmark Home Furnishing iittalla from Finland, has one hundred and thirty years of history of Finland ceramic brand Arabia 1873, along with the texture of Japan is famous for its ceramics brand JICON (magnetic today) and so on, be organically placed in the “living room” and restaurants, together constitute a warm home environment is strongly Algorithm impatient. Especially from the Japanese handmade glass brand SUGA HARA, is the founder of the ocean, to the Chiba County Cup Japan visit back to the studio, in the Chinese mainland, are no longer available at second.

Beijing City, Chaoyang District 1-1 Algorithm (Changhong Bridge Sports North northwest corner of the first store) Business Hours: 11:00 – 23:00 TEL: 010-84543838