As a brand started from running, Nike 40 years ago was founded, co founder and head coach Bill Bowerman and University of Oregon (Bill Bowerman) said: “if you have a body, you are an athlete.” The famous quote continues to inspire Nike to introduce more advanced technology and more professional services that will help runners around the world run faster and better.

The well-known Nike+ is the best witness for Nike’s development of the runners’ service over the years. From the initial small sole chip for the runners to record personal achievement, with Nike+ Running as the representative of the Nike+ application brings intelligent movement experience, and now to millions of users in the Nike+ sports community common incentive endeavour, any level of sports enthusiasts all over the world can find like-minded friends, here to experience the most suitable with the local characteristics of the training, to challenge their own limits.

In order to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the world’s runners, and help runners improve athletic performance, Nike+ Run Club (referred to as NRC) in China’s 5th anniversary ushered in a comprehensive upgrade. By the Nike+ community extension, organic integration in the beginning to store as a base line running group and service experience, and launched in 2013 in the Greater China region Nike+ Run Club WeChat service, so as to create a membership for all runners running ecological system.