about atelier:we made to measure and sell the nice garments around the world.

shop name:San Atelier



Definition “弎”

In short, “弎” is a manual Institute, is also a multi-purpose exhibition hall, the manager hope that all of the friends came to this space can feel the power of hand, like and gratitude the world there is such a beautiful existence.


In the absence of any style of deliberate definition of the case, the manager began to build the studio, has always been to prepare a comfortable space, and because of this space and get to know more like-minded friend is the most wanted to do Of things. Although the process of encountering many difficulties, often that is very simple things over and over again rework, but with some of the fragments of paranoia delusion, psychological contours gradually formed, slowly showing into the present, some things even Thin gossamer presence, but also let the agents invaded all the enthusiasm, walked in the next direction.


About the function of the whole studio

Studio a total of three floors, the first floor is the buyer area, selling some good independent designers at home and abroad brand, the manager carefully selected, hoping to show the best things to customers, customers also want to seriously feel these With the object of life. The third floor of the second floor is a private studio, to accept men's custom, fabric all personally selected by the manager, from Italy or the United Kingdom, can visit, but the work only to accept an appointment, because the best environment for each guest to pick their own Like fabric and style, the other because it is purely hand-made rather than factory shipments, so the custom cycle of at least 60 days, according to the specific order to date, so want to customize the guests in advance to reserve a good time, clothes There are life, the manager said: "No day and night rush to do good clothes." - Good things are worth the wait.




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