Specifications JamesCycle
* Single speed
* Brakes rear and front: Brakes Yihao V-brakes
* Saddle :Jiasite Hand-stitched PU leather
* Rider position: Upright
* Handlebar grips:Jinxiang Sponge smooth grips
* Suggest Driver Height:155cm-185cm
* Frame: High Tensile Steel
* Frame color: white
* Lightning: Lights 5-star Battery-owned Front lights
* Material box: plywood
* Maximum load box up to 150kg
* Maximum load rear carrier up to 80 kg
* Dimensions Cargo Bike: length 240 cm – width 60 cm – height 115 cm
* Dimensions Box: length +/- 90 cm – width 50>42 cm – height 40>30 cm
* Delivery time:14days-30days
* Price:7000rmb

Dimension sketch map

Scene using photos&Customer use case

Product detail photo

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