Although the name of the book is really creative owner, but the actual content is a net whore shops tour, which includes not only the world in the instagram explosion of red goods store address and contact the owner personally even proposed business TIPS business should pay attention to details and tips, digital chart, this unique the book is that there is a mention of the budget related to money matters, so this is not a Book of castles in the air.
The core content of the book is to tell about to the business entity shop manager, in the Internet online economy developed abnormal moment, the new line of retail, economy, consumption upgrade world standard in the end is what kind of creative, can bring economic value is the number of these managers is how to do, what effect like more than 500 color pictures to tell you.
It is suitable for the store owner, the creative director of the company brand and so on. If you do not consider the good direction of operation, if you do not consider how to design, product design, brand collocation, door design…… This book will give you a great inspiration, you can combine Chinese local consumption habits make your shops might be able to find the blue ocean strategy, in which, I believe you as a business person, you can through my introduction to find this book worth judgment.
Suitable for the company’s product buyer, purchasing manager. According to the products in the address, telephone, and books, you can trade directly with the store and the company in the book through the information in the book.
It is suitable for friends who like to travel and explore. You can take a photo of the city store page you want to go before you start your journey, then follow your travel route to find a shop that you like, and maybe you can talk with the owner himself.


The Creative Shopkeeper
A sourcebook of highly original ideas for new retail environments that reflect the way contemporary makers do business―full of ideas for how best to market, display, and sell

Despite many predictions that the internet and e-commerce would kill brick-and-mortar, independent retail is far from dead. While big-chain retailers have suffered through lack of originality, new independent retailers are rapidly growing in number, rejuvenating neighborhoods across the world. Flexible, pop-up shops are becoming an increasingly popular and effective strategy not only for kickstarting new businesses but also for energizing established brands.

To catch the attention of busy customers passing by and to build an engaging shopping environment that stands out from the competition, the savvy shopkeeper needs to get creative―and can do so on a budget.

This timely book features the best and most beautiful independent retail spaces from around the world, which combine marketing savvy with interior design. Organized by themes―Props & Icons, Navigation & Choice, Journey & Discovery, Craft & Process, Edit & Abundance, Staging & Scenery, Highlights & Lowlights, Glimpses & Visions, Gestures & Details, and Digital & Graphic―the book presents a dazzling spectrum of case studies and offers highly imaginative and cost-effective solutions for this increasingly popular area of design.

500+ color illustrations