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Bike cargo is currently in the commercial space design in the international application has been very extensive. One of the largest is the extension of the brand space. Design shop logo, address, shop introduced in bike cargo. Then put bike cargo on the door of the shop, so bike cargo has become an extension of the interior brand space, so that customers can not enter the store to experience the first store expression.

袋鼠车 目前在商业空间设计上的应用在国际上已经十分广泛。最多的一种是用于品牌空间的外延伸。设计店铺的logo、地址、店铺介绍在袋鼠车上。然后把袋鼠车设立在店铺门口,这样车就成为了室内品牌空间向外的延伸,这样的方式可以让顾客未进店就先体验到店的表达。中国的谚语是“未闻其声,先见其人”